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AI/Nanotech Breakthrough? Transistors That Work Like Our Brains Do

Artificial neuron. Photo credit: fastcompany.com

A January 22 item on the Fast Company site makes it sound like a recent development — something called the NOMFET: Nanoparticle Organic Memory Field-Effect Transistor — provides a big push toward brain simulation and strong AI. And just when you were settling in for another three or maybe five or ten decades of human dominance.

"Talk of androids, advanced computer-based brain simulations and war robots is very exiting, but the development of artificial intelligence has been slightly stumped by a lack of transistors that work like our brains do. Until now."

"Now, thanks to scientists in France, we have the NOMFET–the nanoparticle organic memory field-effect transistor…"

"…the NOMFET behaves in a similar way to the manner of an organic synapse as it transmits a signal between neurons — it can modify its reaction to incoming signals based on events that happened before, or on the nature of the signal it’s dealing with at that moment. As a result it will allow for simplified chip-based simulations of a brain-type system, with far fewer semiconductor components than have been needed previously."

Fast Company: Robocalypse Alert: New Transistor Mimics Synapse Functions

Physorg: (the scientific version)

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