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For Hardcore Mutants Only: Burroughs, Ballard, P-Orridge, immortal with Charlotte Rampling

Immortel. Image Courtesy of: dangerousminds.netThe Dangerous Minds website sends you to mutant heaven… for hardcore freaks only. Yesterday, the site posted links to the hard-to-find 1986 film Burroughs: The Movie. They posted about the publication of The Complete Stories of J.G. Ballard (in the context of a Christopher Hitchens write-up about it.)  They’ve also been running a two part video interview with our favorite Pandrogyne, Genesis P. Orridge, on the occasion of the publication of his THEE PSYCHICK BIBLE: A New Testament.

And finally, they posted a link to Immortal, an insanely odd and great  film starting Charlotte Rampling.  Quoting the blog post from Jason Louv:
"It’s done in French cyberpunk comic style, and centers around the Egyptian gods (mostly Horus) showing up in a future New York in their hovering pyramidal spaceship to cause mayhem among its genetically engineered inhabitants. Most of the movie is Horus plotting to get laid."

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