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Looking for Life in the Universe Next Door

Alejandro Jenkins is a researcher at Florida State University. Credit: Florida State Univ.For Alejandro Jenkins, a researcher at Florida State University, it’s not enough to look for life beyond earth in this universe. Jenkins has written a paper about how we might explore the possibilities of looking for life in the (theoretical) multiverse.

According to Science Daily:

"… his deep thoughts on the hypothetical ‘multiverse’ — think of it as a mega-universe full of numerous smaller universes, including our own — are now receiving worldwide attention, thanks to a cover article he co-wrote for the January 2010 issue of Scientific American magazine.

"In ‘Looking for Life in the Multiverse, Jenkins and co-writer Gilad Perez, a theorist at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, discuss a provocative hypothesis known as the anthropic principle, which states that the existence of intelligent life (capable of studying physical processes) imposes constraints on the possible form of the laws of physics.

Science Daily article

"Life in the Universe"  Scientific American edition

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