Triggerfish Monitors Your Eyes


If you haven’t been following along with all the advances in contact lenses, you are missing out. Efficiency is a top priority in our modern lives and doctors and patients are no exception, particularly when it comes to diagnosing and treating illness. When Grandma, Grandpa, or Billy the kid down the street has glaucoma, they want to have their vision treated as quickly and accurately as possible. And if all this can be packaged with a hint of coolness, that wouldn‘t hurt.

SENSIMED has found a way to make glaucoma treatment and monitoring quicker, better, and most importantly, more accurate. The Triggerfish allows ophthalmologists to do something that was previously cumbersome or impossible. Patients with glaucoma wear the slightly futuristic Triggerfish contraption which monitors the eye without hindering eyesight. It transmits the data to a recorder and then to the doctor‘s computer, allowing the doctor to see exactly what went on with the patient‘s eye throughout the day. With this constant monitoring, the doctor is better equipped to treat the patient and their individual needs. And not only do they look awesome, it‘s called Triggerfish, maybe to increase its likelihood of being mistaken for an indie band.

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