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Fuggedabout It! Rewiring Fear Memories

Photo: iStockphoto/Donald MacalisteScience Daily reports that "Researchers at New York University have developed a non-invasive technique to block the return of fear memories in humans."


"While researchers have traditionally seen long-term memory as fixed and resistant, it is now becoming clear that memory is, in fact, dynamic and flexible. As a result, the act of remembering makes the memory vulnerable until it is stored again — a process called reconsolidation. During this instability period, new information could be incorporated into the old memory. This was the phase during which the NYU researchers sought to employ a technique to block the return of fear memories.

"The NYU researchers showed that reactivating fear memories in humans allows them to be updated with non-fearful information, a finding that was previously demonstrated in rodents. As a result, fear responses no longer return."

I can’t help but think of the reimprinting theory of a certain ex-Harvard Psychology professor (I’m avoiding mentioning his name in all of my blog posts today, so as not to seem to obsessed… but do Smi2le.)

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