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Antero Alli’s Exo-Psychology User’s Handbook

The Eight-Circuit Brain - Antero AlliThose of you who are really into Timothy Leary’s 8 circuit theory of the evolution of the human brain and nervous system have probably read Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson, in which Bob actually offered exercises for experiencing and activating aspects of this system.

For those of you unfamiliar with Leary’s theory, I suggest popping over to this earlier blog post, which talks about it in somewhat contemporary technocultural/transhumanist terms.

Now Antero Alli (described in the same blog post) has come out with his own new guide to using the 8 circuit model as a map to work and play with your own consciousness. It’s called THE EIGHT-CIRCUIT BRAIN: Navigational Strategies for the Energetic Body." Alli has less of a scientific and more of an earthy, bodily approach to all this than Leary/Wison, but technique is, after all, the root concept in technology… and this is a user’s manual for brain change.

So balance out your brain circuits for the holidays and buy the book.

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