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Another Nanotech Breakthrough?

Small wonder. The first macroscopic, commercially usable BNNTs. Photo: Michael SmithAt the recent Humanity Plus Summit, John Smart, who follows these things more closely than I do, affirmed my sense that there have been many incredible breakouts in nanotechnology in the last half year or so.

Here comes yet another sign of the coming of the one technology that can definitively (in theory) bring about abundance, and possibly immortality and space travel within the century, perhaps — in the case of abundance — within a decade or less from the time when we get a complete grasp on its use as a production technology.

So… another likely big bump. As h+ contributor AINEKO emailed me: Boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) have now been made that are long enough to be woven into fibers and thus capable of being used for a vast number of commercial applications – this article predicts a revolution in materials coming out of this technology.

Better Nanotubes May Be on the Way

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