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New Issue w. Kurzweil interview, CAPRICA interview, P.K. Dick w. Lethem, DIY Transhumanism, Chinese Singularity… like, WOW!

Winter 2009 IssueIt’s the brand spanking new Winter edition of h+ magazine… and it’s the best one ever. And as is now a tradition, I’m re-running my somewhat snarky instruction manual for enjoying the online magazine in the online format… with a few edits…

Click here to check out the new issue!

All The Formats You Can Eat

There are two kinds of people in this world. People who love magazines and assholes.

Just kidding! (It will take me a few weeks to get the hang of this public outreach thing.) And really, I’m just kidding…. no, really. I know. You love magazines but don’t think they work online. And besides, I live only to please everybody. And while many are pleased by the flash digital magazine format, others find the delivery too awkward to bother with and they move on.

To be honest, I first tried the flash digital magazine format out when I was in a hurried and impatient mood… and it confounded and irritated me. Later the same night, I returned to it in a relaxed mood and it took me about 90 seconds to figure out how to use it effectively and to realize that it’s very very very quite readable.

So for starters, here’s a little guide: How to use the flash digital magazine.

1: Take a deep breath and relax.

2: Skate past the advertisers, making a mental note to buy their products. (Remember what the doormouse said? Freeze your head!) Look at how pretty the design is. Oooh aaah. Damnit, you can’t read it ’cause the letters are too small.

3: This can be easily resolved. Click anywhere on the screen and the size of the text increases. Ohmygod it’s blurry. Breathe. Wait on average about 3 seconds and it will not be blurry anymore. You can use those three seconds to Twitter somebody about how you’re wasting your entire life waiting for the text on h+ magazine to resolve into something readable. Btw, click on the screen only once. The text size will increase to just right for reading. You do have 2 other options regarding the size of the text. Too Big and Way Too Big – otherwise labeled larger and largest… just click on the small "a" symbols on the right side of your screen, if you have vision problems.

4: But now, I can’t see the whole article on the page and I can’t figure out how to move it up and down. Breathe. Look at your keyboard. See the keys with up and down arrows on them? The down key takes you down the page. The other one goes the opposite way.

That’s it. It’s about 100 times easier than figuring out your cell phone and it’s a pretty cool way to read the magazine once you take a minute or two to get the hang of it.

I’ll say a little about the much asked question: "Why a magazine?" in just a bit. But before I go there, let me say that it has not been our intention to frustrate potential readers (or to call them names… I was just kidding, really!)

We now offer h+ in 3 delicious flavors…. Something we’ve been planning for awhile.

1: We have the flash digital magazine, in a preset format provided by Infoswell Media, as I described above.

2: We have old-school pdf for people who can’t or won’t deal with the previous format but who feel comfortable with a good old-fashioned pdf. We’ve had that available all along, but now we’ve made it obvious and accessible.

3: We are offering most of the articles (and eventually all of them) in the now conventional Basic Web Post. Fast, easy, bite-sized, miscellaneous and uncomplicated. But you’ll have to wait while we roll them out 2 a week. And why wait?…when you can get this awesome content into your brain immediately (or after waiting several tedious seconds)…

Click here to check out the new issue!

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