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Winter 2009

Winter 2009


The Winter 2009 Issue of h+ Magazine features The Ray Kurzweil Interview, CAPRICA: Birth of the Cylons, DIY Transhumanism, The Chinese Singularity, and more.
Fall 2009 Issue
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Winter Issue 2009: The Ray Kurzweil InterviewThe Ray Kurzweil Interview 

Winter Issue 2009 - CAPRICA: Birth of the Cylons

CAPRICA: Birth of the Cylons



Winter Issue 2009 - Chronic Citizens: Johnathan Lethem & P.K. Dick

Chronic Citizens: Jonathan Lethem & P.K. Dick Winter Issue 2009: The Chinese SingularityThe Chinese Singularity



Winter Issue 2009: Slicing Brains DIY Winter Issue 2009: Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno: Paradigm for the Future


Winter Issue 2009: Prosthetic Head Meets p-Zombie  


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