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Target: Cancerous Tumors

Biophysicists Yana Reshetnyak and Oleg Andreev. (Credit: Image courtesy of University of Rhode Island)One of the horrors of cancer is chemotherapy. It’s a desperate act — killing cancerous cells in a way that also kills off healthy cells and is generally toxic and unpleasant. The whole thing seems positively midieval.  Targeted treatment is the goal.  Science Daily reports on some hopeful movement in that direction:

"In addition to targeting cancerous tumors, the couple has discovered a novel delivery agent, a molecular nanosyringe, which can deliver and inject diagnostic or therapeutic agents specifically to cancer cells.

"Since we know the mechanism of delivery and translocation, we believe that we are able to tune the nanosyringe properties and engineer a novel class of therapeutic and diagnostic agents,’ says Reshetnyak."

Science Daily Article

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