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Singularity Summit – Peter Thiel On His Single Greatest Fear















At the beginning of his talk, Peter Thiel listed seven world-ending scenarios, and asked the audience to raise their hands to show which one they were most concerned about:

1- Robots killing all the humans
2- Small pox/ebola or some kind of virus killing us
3- Gray Goo
4- Israel bombs Iran and starts WWIII
5- Computers are used in the future to control everyone
6- Runaway global warming killing us
7- The singularity taking too long to happen

Peter told the audience that he’s more afraid of the Singularity not happening fast enough more than anything else. At the end of the presentation, an audience member asked him exactly what catastrophic things he thought might take place as a result. It turns out that he’s concerned about the technology that won’t be invented, and the implications of that for mankind.

Another audience member asked him what he wakes up in the morning worrying about, and he gave the same answer, saying "I’d be more optimistic if other people were more worried."

Are you worried that the Singularity won’t happen fast enough? Or do you think we have more pressing issues that we should be focusing on right now? Tell us with your comments.



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