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By the Time We Got to the Woodstock Film Festival

I’ve blogged this before (We Are Cyborgs, We Are Golden), but "Transhumanism Day" at the Woodstock Film Festival approaches zero hour and so, in the wake of the summer of Woodstock nostalgia, I’m pumping this nostalgia for the future again because it looks pretty cool.

Woodstock Film Festival

It all happens on October 2, with a Panel titled "Redesigning Humanity: The New Frontier", moderated by James Hughes, with panelists including Ray Kurzweil, Martine Rothblatt (interviewed in current h+ issue), and Wendell Wallach.

And then there’s a showing of the fab special DVD and digital download release of Caprica and a showing of a film called 2B, directed by Richard Kroehling and Executive Produced by Martine Rothblatt:

"Mia 2.0, the world’s first ‘Transbeman’ and her inventor, the eccentric Dr. Tom Mortlake, conduct a bold political experiment designed to prove that human reliance on the fragile flesh body is over and ‘eternal life‘ is at hand."

All of it is sponsored by SyFy.

If I was there, I would also try to squeeze in Me and Orson Welles by Richard Linklater; yet another Jonathan Demme Neil Young movie, and When You’re Strange: A Film About The Doors.

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