Once-daily pill effective as multiple dosings for oral yeast infection in HIV/AIDS patients

HIV Pills/MedicationDETROIT – A once-daily medication option for treating the most common mouth infection in HIV/AIDS patients has shown to be just as effective and safe as taking an anti-fungal pill five times a day, according to a Henry Ford Hospital study.

Researchers found that a small tablet applied daily that sticks to the gum and dissolves inside the mouth with few or no side effects is a novel, convenient option for treating an infection called oral candidiasis (OC), which occurs in about one third to one half of HIV patients and up to 90 percent of AIDS patients.

The study is believed to be the largest to date involving HIV/AIDS patients with OC. The infection is also common in patients suffering from many forms of cancer, especially those with head and neck cancer, in which the infection rate is as high 77 percent.

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