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Cosmic Revolutionaries Against Death

"We must never forget we are cosmic revolutionaries, not stooges conscripted to advance a natural order that kill everybody" -The Immortalist

The Libertarian Alliance UK wrote this fascinating essay on the human conundrum. Largely, it talks about how in an age of increased scientific and intellectual awareness and abundance, the fundamental terror of our condition has emerged to the surface of consciousness: Man can no longer hide behind the comfort of religion; he has grown too sophisticated.  Ultimately it is a call to cosmic rebellion against mortality.  A beautifully written, biting and consuming piece: "In our hearts we know that there is something very wrong with our condition, and yet faced with the seeming inevitability of our fate we recoil from the obvious implications: we must save ourselves or perish."… With interesting references to Albert Camus and Alan Harrington this is a piece everyone should read. 


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