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Locate the Enemy, Lock and Load, Make Them Cuddle!

According to a recent Reuters report, a British academic named Malcolm Dando, who is also described as an "arms control expert," has sounded a warning that mind drugs could emerge as effective weapons of war — shades of the experiments with LSD, Belladonna and other agents carried out by the CIA and the US army in the 1960s.

Aside from mentioning the powerful synthetic opiate Fentanyl, used by the Russians against Chechen militants who had seized a Russian theater, Dando opines that even gene therapy being developed in civilian life science laboratories ‘are particularly suited to this style of warfare; it is not hard to find people in the military world who think they would be useful." That would be long-term strategic — as opposed to tactical — thinking, I suppose.

And finally there’s oxytocin, the chemical of love. Dando is quoted as saying, that its potential use "opens up the possibility of a drug that could be used to manipulate people’s emotions in a military context."

All civilians will now proceed to the chill room, sit on giant fluffy pillows and groove with some classic Aphex Twins.

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