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How Robotics is Improving Mannequinkind

Those lucky mannequins. They got to have the look of botox injected bulimics way before it became truly fashionable, and now they get to become bots before us to. And they even get to sell stuff to Japanese shoppers.

MannequinAnd speaking of Minority Report (well, maybe you were), a recent article in INVESTORSpot — titled Japanese Robot Mannequins Move Shoppers To Buy starts off: "Next time you check out that robot mannequin in a Tokyo department store window, don’t be surprised if the mannequin is checking YOU out at the same time. ‘Palette’, a robot mannequin, senses admiring shoppers and poses to please!… On a slightly more sinister note, Flower Robotics is planning a more sophisticated program that will enable Palette to judge shoppers’ age and sex; even recognize the logos on their shopping bags.’ 

These spybots are actually faceless (better than botox?), but undoubtedly the novelty factor must be moving more than a few Prada handbags.


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