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Hedonics Continues to Gain Science Cred

BrainHarvard has its Hedonic Psychology laboratory (the term was first used by former Harvard professor Timothy Leary in a 1971 Psychology Today article, although he is not acknowledged by the current Harvardites). Now two neuroscientists — Morten Kringelbach of Oxford and Kent Berridge of the University of Michigan hit the pleasure spot with a new book called Pleasures of the Brain

From Scientific Blogging:

" ‘A sense of pleasure generated by the brain’s hedonic neural systems is fundamental to daily life and it’s been essential for evolution and the survival of humans and most animals,’ say Morten Kringelbach and Kent Berridge, editors of a new book to be published by Oxford University Press in October 2009 called Pleasures of the Brain."

The Neurology of Pleasure, Scientific Blogging

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