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A Glove For Urgent Communication

Acceleglove by AnthroTroniAn accident has happened to you and your spouse. Your spouse is complaining that he or she has severe abdominal and head pain. You rush her to the emergency room, but when you get there, she’s passed out cold. The hospital staff is rushing around you frantically trying to determine what’s wrong, but they can’t figure it out. You’re trying to tell them, but no one can understand you. Your spouse’s life is in the balance and the medical staff’s sign language translator is not on duty. No one else is familiar with sign language.

Until recently, there were no electronic means of translating American Sign Language into text or spoken words — a big problem in emergency situations. But in May 2009, Anthrotonix introduced a new technology, the Acceleglove and Software Development Kit (SDK). When the Acceleglove is introduced into this and similar situations, translation can be made easier for all the parties involved. By plugging the gloves into a computer, with a USB port, standard motions are translatable.

The Acceleglove can be used as a controller, in r&d, and as a communication device for sign language and gesture communication, both dynamic or static. The gloves are only 54 grams, and are made of Nylon and Lycra. In the words of Anthronix PR, the gloves were specifically created to “capture motion and position of the hand and fingers then input that data to a computer.” The SDK allows for custom programming of language and interpretation based on user needs. The gloves are lightweight, only 54 grams and are made of Nylon and Lycra, making them easy to work and communicate with.

Anthronix is encouraging people and institutions to find novel uses for their product, a challenge that has been picked up on by r&d at various companies and by the military. They do, however, require an additional licensing fee if the Acceleglove is used in a commercial product.

By plugging the gloves into a computer, with a USB port, standard motions are translatable.

Finally, for those who are into gaming — or into being Tom Cruise in Minority Report — the glove, or gloves, can be used as controllers for the computer. For this, it would be helpful to purchase both gloves, left and right-handed. Each Acceleglove and the SDK is $499.

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