Faster, cheaper way to find disease genes in human genome passes initial test

Sarah Ng, a graduate student in the University of Washington laboratory of Dr. Jay Shendure, department of genome sciences, is the lead author of a Nature publication this week, Aug. 16, on a cheaper, faster way to search for disease-gene links in the human genome. Photo credit: University of Washington Department of Genome SciencesUniversity of Washington (UW) researchers have successfully developed a novel genome-analysis strategy for more rapid, lower cost discovery of possible gene-disease links. By saving time and lowering expenses, the approach makes it feasible for scientists to search for disease-causing genes in people with the same inherited disorder but without any family ties to each other.

The strategy also might be extended to common medical conditions with complex genetics by making it more cost-effective and efficient to study the genomes of large groups of people.

Such large-scale research hasn’t been undertaken because it has been prohibitively expensive, cumbersome, and time-consuming to sequence, compare and interpret entire human genomes.

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