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Women Ain’t So Pretty After All

Ain't So PrettyA few weeks back, I blogged about an article in the Sunday Times Online about research conducted at the University of Helsinki by Markus Jokela. I quoted the Times article: "Scientists have found that evolution is driving women to become ever more beautiful, while men remain as aesthetically unappealing as their caveman ancestors." 

Well, now Jokela checks in with a blog post letting us know that the media got it all wrong!  The blog post is titled " ‘Women are getting more beautiful’ – Getting the story right."  Jokela writes: "The main point of the study was to see whether attractiveness predicts fertility in a contemporary American population, not whether people are becoming more or less attractive over time."  The blog post further explains that "The evolutionary extrapolation that people are becoming more attractive is just that – an extrapolation that depends on assumptions not tested in the study, e.g., whether the association holds over time."

Markus Jokela blog post

There’s a link to a pdf of Jokela’s original paper in the blog post, for those of you who really want to dig in.

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