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Uh Oh. Prosperous People Still Breed

Image by flickr user thefuturisticsOne of the arguments used by longevity proponents to calm the fears of those concerned about population growth is that statistical studies show that — as people become more prosperous — they breed less, thus population growth will not increase so much if technological advances provide increased wealth to more people.  However, the Washington Post reports that a study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania challenges that perception. 

Quoth the Post:

"The new analysis has found that in many countries, once a nation achieves an especially high level of development, women appear to start having more babies again."

"Kohler [who headed the research project] speculated that once countries reach a certain level of development, they can afford changes that enable women both to work and have children. Many Scandinavian countries, for example, created generous welfare systems that include free day care. In the United States, women’s salaries rose enough to make paying for child care more affordable.


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