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Singularity University – Day Three – Evening – Peter Diamandis


Peter talks to the Singularity University class.

Peter Diamandis completed what had been a long day of classes for Day Three of Singularity University. (From 9am to 9pm!)

Here are a few excerpts from his lecture:

"The difficulties right now are that we as humans have preconceived notions of how things are. And we have institutions, structural organizations, governments, religions, large corporations, that are constantly fundamentally trying to keep things in part the way they are. And as humans, whether we like it or not, like to wake up in the morning and find out that things are pretty much stable…We like innovation and disruption only when it’s convenient."

Peter Diamandis explains the lessons he learned about innovation.

"So everything we’ve ever known, and everything we’ve every loved, every thought, every feeling, every marketplace, every technology is taking place on this very small planet. And you’ve heard the numbers; We’re one of a hundred billion stars in a hundred billion galaxies, and what has been the history of humanity is that we have consistently been wrong. About our place in the universe. About what we think we know. About what we know we know. We’ve been consistently wrong. So I posit that we are, as a technological species, a hundred, maybe a couple hundred years old. We’re just on the very edge of discovery."

Peter Diamandis explains new XPrizes to the Singularity University students.


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