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Singularity University – Day Two


The day started out with an "Overview of AI and Robotics" by Neil Jacobstein, Peter Norvig, and Ray Kurzweil.









(Left – Peter Norvig and Dan Barry)

Next came Rohit Khare (below), who gave us a lecture on Network fundamentals.












Then Ray came out and gave us a detailed lecture of some "Perspectives on the Singularity," featuring many updated charts and graphs from "The Singularity is Near."














In the afternoon, the students had some "Quad Time" teambuilding.

(Below, Dan Barry and Singularity University Students during the "teambuilding" session.)















Finally, in the evening, right after dinner, Ray gave us another real treat: a presentation on "Critics of the Singularity," that turned into a fascinating discussion of consciousness and non-biological intelligence.
More details about both of Ray’s lectures on the way soon!


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