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Chuck Crossed with X Files? Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13Here to put a dent in tv viewers summer doldrums, Sci Fi channel gives us Warehouse 13 (why not 23?), the place where weird magical objects and impossible technologies are stored away by the feds.  Guarded by Saul Rubinek, perfectly cast as an eccentric Secret Service Agent who is way into Tesla, episode one shows a couple of semi-slick, attractive, urban fellow agents unhappily assigned to work with Agent Rubinek in this warehouse out in the middle of nowhere.  They’re fighting in that flirty way that lets you know they’ll be doin’ the wild thing under  a Tesla coil (makes your hair stand on end) before the season is out.

The show is not quite on a par with X Files, but it may have more promise than Chuck — which is ultimately one-note.  Given Warehouse 13‘s magical universe, it could take us anywhere… so here’s hoping for some imaginative writing.

Warehouse 13 premiers Tuesday July 7 on Sci Fi.

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