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Obama Aborts Bioconservative Ethics Panel

In March, 10 out of 18 panel members, sent a letter to Obama objecting to his loosening of restrictions on embryonic stem cell research.  A report from the panel — critical of his decision — was believed to be forthcoming   

Leonard Kass, a prominent critic of transhumanism, was the original Chairman of Bush’s panel. Francis   Fukuyama — another trans critic — also served on the panel from 2001 – 2005.  The rumors that Obama planned to make Transhumanist Socialist James Hughes leader of the new "People’s Panel for Biological Excellence" have already proven to be a lame joke perpetrated by h+ editor and cyber-iconoclast RU Sirius.

It’s too early for bio-progressives to get out their party hats.  Obama has a habit of feinting one way, shifting the other way, throwing a bone to the opposition… and then charging up the middle.  We could wind up with Reverend Rick Warren in charge as the token biocon.  I mean, probably not but you never know.

N.Y. Times Link

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