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Controlling Virtual Worlds with Your Mind

Hey virtual world software developers! Want to program a brain-reading headset? Check out the latest from Emotiv Systems…

Forget your keyboard. Want your avatar in Second Life to smile when you smile? Or your World of Warcraft character to pick up that piece of gold? Just think about it.

In case you missed the h+ article on the EPOC Neuroheadset from the first edition, Emotiv Systems is a San Francisco-based neuroengineering company founded in 2003 by four award-winning scientists.   Its Emotiv EPOC™ product uses the electrical activity of your brain – the stuff of thought and emotion – to control almost anything that’s run by electronics.

The EEG-based headset passes your brain’s electrical signals to software on your PC, which extracts patterns and translates them. Without moving a muscle, you can move worlds on your PC. 
Now you too can write this software. If you’re into programming and you want to get in on the ground floor of a revolutionary platform, you’re in luck. Emotiv Systems is shipping an SDK.   Develop your own virtual world libraries and interface routines. 
The Emotiv SDK – Standard Edition includes an SDK Headset and Emotiv’s proprietary software toolkit that exposes Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and detection libraries: 
·         The Affectiv™ suite measures discrete emotional states.
·         The Cognitiv™ suite detects conscious thoughts.
·         The Expressiv™ suite can identify facial expressions in real-time.
There are several options available to commercial developers:
Introductory (SDKLite) – An introduction to the Emotiv SDK and APIs. For application developers who want to get started immediately. This introductory package includes a hardware emulator in place of the SDK neuroheadset.
Standard – Single license – For independent developers who are creating free and commercial applications for the Emotiv EPOC that will be distributed exclusively through our Emortal online application store.
Enterprise – Up to 5 licensed users – For companies that are creating proprietary applications using the Emotiv EPOC.
Researchers and educational institutes have additional options:
Research Standard – Single license – For individual researchers and research groups that are developing free and/or commercial applications for the Emotiv EPOC that will be available exclusively through our Emortal online application store.
Research Plus – Up to 5 licensed users – For research institutes that are developing new applications/detections utilizing raw EEG data from the Emotiv EPOC.
Emotiv is committed to supporting the research community in developing more detections/applications that further improve the capability of Brain Computer Interface (BCI).
For more information and pricing: http://emotiv.com/corporate/1_0/1_6.htm






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