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FOOLISH MEATSTACK! Terminator Week continues as The Register Reacts to DARPA Plans


Terminator WeekOh my, we had a good time last week. It was "Terminator Week" here at h+.  There were all sorts of explorations of warbots, including conversations with Wired For War author P.W. Singer, Rutgers Professor Peter Asaro on — among other things — the potential for ethical warbots, and Vernor Vinge and others on the probabilities — or improbabilities — of a Terminator-life future.

But the fun never stops…  particularly at DARPA.  An article in The Register, published yesterday, reports with the judicious title: DARPA Killer AI Robots to "Participate in own Construction: Foolish meatstack! OF COURSE I need nuclear weapons. 

Terminator Week"DARPA seeks to construct systems that can participate in their own construction… The system might know the requirements for various tasks in its repertoire, and it may try to perform those tasks to verify functionality."

btw, for those who may not know it…  with headlines like "Hitler kicked off iPhone," The Register is a must-stop for people who want a little snark with their tech news.


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