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The Trans-Humorist and the New Publishing System


I like to refer to h+ humor columnist Joe Quirk as a transhumorist, although he mostly deals in evolutionary psychology humor (just like Don Rickles!).  Anyway, Joe is funny and has had a few mainstream hits like Sperm are from Men, Eggs are from Women and It’s Not You, It’s Biology].  

Mr. Quirk has just released his second novel using Sribd, the document-sharing website that is moving into digital book publishing

But I’ll let him tell the story (as I received it via emal):

"Well, folks, my second novel, EXULT, has been published. There’s been a bit of secrecy about this book. That’s because it’s being published in a brand new way. The first of its kind.  EXULT is one of three original novels to be published and sold by Scribd.com. That means the first edition is being released as a digital book.

There were articles about it all yesterday in The Los Angeles Times,  The Associated Press, The New York Times, and Publishers Weekly.

Why so much fuss? Scribd is known as the “YouTube of documents,” allowing people to publish to the world as easily as YouTube does videos. It’s been quietly working for a couple of years, amassing an astonishing 60 million unique users. That makes it one of the most popular websites in the world, and they have now decided to use that huge platform on behalf of three bestselling novelists.

You don’t need any special gadget to read it. It works on any computer, Kindle, soon iphones — anything with a screen.

And chew on this… if you think e-books are a thing of the future and not quite viable yet, look at the latest numbers from Amazon. The company says 35% of recent titles sold have been Kindle (e-book) versions of books.

The Revolution in publishing has come, and Tamim Ansary, Kemble Scott,
and I have signed on as the first three novelists to go digital.

My e-novels for $2.

The first 150 pages of my novel are available free.

Use "book view" mode. Make it full screen. Then set your browser so it’s also full screen. Then sit back with your laptop on your lap, and use the cursor to click through the pages. It’s a beautiful new way to enjoy a novel.  I think you’ll be surprised how easy it is to read.

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