The (Bill) Gates Fly Open


gatesIs Mr. Microsoft getting into all that stuff about distributed intelligence and DIY and the (relative) wisdom of (small) crowds?

It seems that The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is “handing out 81 grants of $100,000 each to researchers who are thinking big about revolutionary new approaches to protecting people from disease.”

As reported in the UK edition of Times Online:
“There is a magnet that can detect malaria at the flick of a switch, a flu-resistant chicken, an “antiviral” tomato and a vaccine enhanced with the use of a laser. The ideas are so bold that, as the scientists behind them admit, they can often struggle for funding.

image“Today, though, more than 80 projects at the far edge of innovation in global health research will share millions of pounds of grants to support unorthodox thinking — and the outside chance of a world-changing discovery.”

Check it out. It looks like a whole bunch of odd and interesting projects and, after all, if it isn’t strange, it probably isn’t true.

Gates End Polio

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