Use the Force, Luke!

Star Wars Force Trainer by Uncle Milton

Star Wars Force Trainer by Uncle Milton

Image: NeuroSky Brain-Computer Interface Technologies


Check your local toy store this Christmas, because this is likely to become the next Frisbee.

Concentrate.  Yeah, that’s right… just concentrate.  And watch a ping-pong ball climb a clear tube called the Force Trainer.  Remember Yoda teaching Luke how to levitate his X-Wing Fighter?  Now you too can use the force.

The harder you concentrate, the higher the ball goes.

Yes, this is telekinesis — mind over matter. It works using small wireless headsets that detect your brain’s electrical activity and convert it to a signal.  And researchers are taking it very seriously.

Government-financed projects include neural control of mechanical arms, hands and legs.  These intelligent artificial limbs will be controlled by your nervous system that will allow you to pitch a fastball, thread a needle or play a piano as well as you did before your loss.

NeuroSky is in the forefront of turning brain-computer interfaces into cheap, consumer items. It’s selling brain-reading hardware and software headsets to all comers — including Christmas competitors like Mattel’s $80 Mindflex and Uncle Milton’s $130 Force Trainer.

NeuroSky has its sights set on providing brain-wave sensors for the automotive, health-care and education industries.

Fellow couch potatoes unite!  Change that TV channel by simply thinking about it.


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