Aubrey de Grey Announces SENS Foundation


Aubrey de Grey and the folks at the Methusalah Foundation have announced the launch of SENS Foundation, “an independent charity with the mission to develop, promote and provide widespread access to regenerative medicine solutions to the disabilities and diseases of  aging. SENS Foundation will be taking over the existing SENS research activities of Methuselah Foundation. ”  As many of you know, de Grey is a legendary and controversial figure in the longevity movement.  Read his open letter about SENS Foundation

In an article by Michael Anissimov, published in our first issue, Anissimov explains SENS  (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence”: “Instead of exclusively studying the complex biochemical processes of aging in detail, as in gerontology, or ameliorating the worst symptoms of age-related decline, as in geriatrics, de Grey and his supporters advocate an ‘engineering approach’ to aging that asks, what are the main categories of age-related biochemical damage, and how can we fix them? The idea is not to eliminate the sources of age-related damage, but to fix the damage fast enough so it doesn’t accumulate and cause health problems. This is far easier than deciphering all the intricacies of the biochemistry of aging.”

I also call your attention to my interview with de Grey from the same issue, currently also featured on the website…

Quoth de Grey on personal motivations:  “I’m actually not mainly driven by a desire to live a long time. I accept that when I’m even a hundred years old, let alone older, I may have less enthusiasm for life than I have today. Therefore, what drives me is to put myself (with luck) and others (lots and lots of others) in a position to make that choice, rather than having the choice progressively ripped away from me or them by declining health.”




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