“Wave” Goodbye To Peak Spectrum

"Wave" Goodbye To Peak SpectrumIs the wireless industry facing hard times? Increasing spectrum use from a greater number of carriers and the advent of wireless broadband is carving our once plentiful broadcast spectrum into smaller chunks that cost carriers more to license. Add in the dark specter of health litigation over cell phone safety and the debate surrounding BPL pollution of CB-radio wavelengths, and the wireless industry is starting to look a bit like big oil. Is it time to face the fact that spectrum isn’t an inexhaustible resource?

In the 2007 STAIF Conference publication, “The Value Estimation of an HFGW Frequency Time Standard for Telecommunications Network Optimization,” Dr. Robert Baker, Jr. and colleagues Gary Stephenson and Colby Harper propose a novel alternative to the overcrowded electromagnetic spectrum: instead of transmitting data using radio waves, they suggest that future technologies using “High-Frequency Gravitational Waves” might transmit data over ripples in the fabric of time-space itself.

Sound far-fetched? Maybe, but the authors of the peer-reviewed AIP publication insist that their concept falls well within established physics, and thus far nobody’s disputing the claim.


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