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Wearable Realities for your Head

Are you a World of Warcraft player or someone who enjoys hanging out in Second Life? Do you wish these avatars you spend quality time with could come off of the screen to play and interact with you in real life? Well, look no further than Georgia Tech University, where they have been working on a wearable, translucent augmented reality headpiece.

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EPOC Neuroheadset

The EPOC neuroheadset uses EEG technology to read electrical patterns in the brain and then sends this information through wireless signals to a computer.

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Skin Phone

Welcome to the conceptual solution that combines the beauty of a tattoo with the convenience of your cell phone and Bluetooth technology, the “Digital Tattoo Interface.”

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Humanity Plus: The New Synthesis

Lately, I love it when people out there in the general population ask me what I do. I tell them that I’m working on a transhumanist webzine and then pause -- offering no further explanation -- as if a transhumanist magazine were as comprehensible as a magazine about real estate or pet monkeys.

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Manipulating Evolution

H+: I might spend the whole day thinking about politics, economics — thinking about solutions to knotty human problems — and then I start thinking that a lot of this is hardwired. Maybe nothing really good is going to happen unless we change our wiring. Unless we actually technically evolve. Is that part of the intrigue with biotechnology?

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Open Source Robotics Looks Better Than Ever

Where’s C3PO when we need him? Compared to many other aspects of advanced technology -- even compared to AI software technology, which isn’t exactly zooming along -- humanoid robotics seems to be advancing at a snail’s pace.

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About Us

h+ covers technological, scientific, and cultural trends that are changing — and will change — human beings in fundamental ways. We will be following developments in areas like NBIC (nano-bio-info-cog), longevity, performance enhancement and self-modification, Virtual Reality, "The Singularity," and other areas that both promise and threaten to radically alter our lives and o...

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