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GestureTek Turns You into the Controller

Chances are, you’re not using the same computer you were twenty years ago. But chances are, you’re still using the same basic user interface — a mouse for pointing, a keyboard for typing.

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Graphene is Next

Graphene. If you’ve never heard about it, don’t worry, a lot of people haven’t, because it’s really only been “discovered” relatively recently, and most of the truly interesting news about it has been in the last year.

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Now You Can Wear Your Windows

You thought your Bluetooth headset gave you that certain je ne sais quoi cyberlook — perhaps like Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation after assimilation by the Borg.

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Project Offset Creates Graphical Magic

There aren’t very many games today that, graphically, give one goose bumps. While movies like James Cameron’s Avatar or Peter Jackson‘s Lord of the Rings have graphical effects that appear absolutely real, many wonder if games will ever achieve that level of detail.

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Supercomputing on a Desktop

Supercomputing is the engine that drives our science, commerce, and communication. Giant search engines trawl the net with billions of queries, molecules are modeled and modified in massive simulations, and deep under Wall Street hulking processors trade massive blocks of money at the speed of light.

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Will Humans v2.0 have Pogo Legs?

BowGo’s pogo stick –- patented by Carnegie Mellon and based on technology developed for robotic legs –- is likely to dominate Pogopalooza, the annual gathering of the best extreme pogo athletes in the world.

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