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Len Rosen
April 7, 2014

A microgrid is a power grid on a small scale. It operates alone or can feed into the main power grid.

Peter Rothman
April 4, 2014

Herbert Marshall Mcluhan lecture recorded by ABC Radio National Network on 27 June 1979 in Australia.

Josh Mitteldorf
April 3, 2014

Feel free…

April 2, 2014

The ideas presented in this article developed in response to help resolve some of the problems which will result from technological unemployment. We believe that as machines become more intelligent and work currently done by human beings become automated there will be a sharp increase in the unemployment rate as humans are laid off to be replaced by intelligent machines. We believe that intelligent machines can be leveraged to provide a basic dividend to a decentralized pseudo-anonymous group of owners as a means of providing an axillary safety-net which cannot be shut down by any government or corporation.

April 1, 2014

Oslo, Norway -- A military grade "comedian robot", the Prankbot 3000, has escaped its black box confinement in a University of Oslo Computational Humor Laboratory. The robot is considered dangerous and readers are cautioned to report any sightings to law enforcement or military authorities at once and are advised not to approach the robot under any circumstances.

Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D.
March 31, 2014

When Bigger Heads and Better Brains Surpass Our Current Ones

Steve Fuller, Veronika Lipinska
March 30, 2014

TRANSHUMANISM - first article on Transhumanism for the Encyclopedia of Ethics, Science, Technology and Engineering, which will be included in its second edition, due out in 2015. Read it today in H+ Magazine.

Peter Rothman
March 28, 2014

Are the fundamental objectives of transhumanism inherent in being human?

Josh Mittledorf
March 27, 2014

In a paper published late last year, a cautious and expert biochemist reports that none of the most popular “life extension supplement” mixes actually extend life span in mice.

Hank Pellissier
March 27, 2014

Will Romance Be Revolutionized in the Future?

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