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  • humanityplus

    h+ Magazine Site Hacked

    Our site was hacked today, and it took a few hours to recover. The hack targeted the functioning of the site, taking it offline, and we are not aware of any access of user data. However, it might be a good idea to change your h+ Magazine/h+ Connect password. We apologize for the inconvenience and we will resume publishing next week. If you note anything unusual with site functioning please respond to this post or email
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  • OR Book Going Rouge

    Review: When Google Met WikiLeaks (2014) by Julian Assange

    Julian Assange’s 2014 book When Google Met WikiLeaks consists of essays authored by Assange and, more significantly, the transcript of a discussion between Assange and Google’s Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen.
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  • Crispr

    A CRISPR in your Future

    Last year, they figured out how to insert and delete genes. This year there are methods for repressing and perhaps promoting genes (epigenetically, without modifying the genome) using CRISPR-derived technology.
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  • Allan Ramsay, David Hume, 1711 - 1776. Historian and philosopher

    How Should We Spend Our Time?

    One must pick and choose, so that one doesn’t waste their precious time on triviality. Life is short. But according to what criteria do we pick and choose?
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  • implant

    The Story of Us

    A cautionary tale about a future world where everything “untrue” is made illegal and individuality ceases to exist. Do you value peace and safety over freedom and individuality? You might end up in the world of “Us”.
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  • Ritalin

    Do Cognitive Enhancing Drugs Actually Work?

    Are all these students wasting their time? Let’s see.
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