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In Conversation: Ron Kaplan of Nuance Communications

I recently got together with Ron Kaplan who is a well known artificial intelligence researcher in the area of natural language processing. The conversation ranges near and far covering AI risks and the recent news about a chatbot passing the Turing Test, whether it is ridiculous to suggest that Siri is a conscious being, reflective computing, NL interfaces and access to knowledge, communicating with wives, the effects of my diet, and the future of human languages when near perfect translation becomes universally available.


Video Friday: Planet of the Clones

Human cloning is anathema to most of us conjuring up Metropolis visions of identical humans serving tyrannical masters. But might this be a mistaken horror story? Could human cloning instead lead to medical breakthroughs and the end to infertility?

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VIdeo Friday: Asteroid Mining will Fuel Human Expansion into the Cosmos

Getting to the doorstep of outer space that is nearly impossible right? This Planetary Resources produced video explains how the company plans to use asteroid mining to overcome this illusory hurdle and take humanity to the stars.

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Video Friday: Why the Turing Test is Bullshit – George Dvorsky

Well known transhumanist writer George Dvorsky on animal intelligence, personhood, and why the Turing Test is bullshit, that is, it isn’t a very good test for intelligence.

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Video Friday: Anders Sandberg – Eugene the Turing test-beating teenbot reveals more about humans than computers

Anders Sandberg is one of my favorite people in the transhumanist scene Anders. Here he  discusses the recent overhyped report of a chatbot passing the Turing Test. Anders is one of the most rigorous thinkers in transhumanism and his paper...