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Ethics and Policy Concerns in the Transhuman Transition

Thanks to science fiction in literature and film, we are all familiar with cyborgs, brain-computer interfaces and augmented realty; all are examples of transhumanism, but nowadays, these aspects of emerging technology are also becoming an increasing part of our real...


Event: EPHES 2014 July 20-22 Suceava Romania

The EPHES (Engineering Philosophy & Ethics in Society) series of international interdisciplinary conferences intend to be places to debate and share common concerns of researchers from different “hard” and social sciences, engineering, philosophy and other humanities, when trying to capture the high sense for the Human Being in the Age of Surprise / Digital Era / Emergent Technologies Era / Knowledge Society.


Our Amazing Future

While teaching courses in the computer science department at the University of Texas at Austin, I came to believe that 21st century technology—especially nanotechnology, genetics, artificial intelligence and robotics—will transform reality.


Video Friday: Planet of the Clones

Human cloning is anathema to most of us conjuring up Metropolis visions of identical humans serving tyrannical masters. But might this be a mistaken horror story? Could human cloning instead lead to medical breakthroughs and the end to infertility?

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Jaron Lanier on Transhumanism

I first encountered Jaron Lanier’s work when I taught his essay “One-Half of A Manifesto” to computer science students at the University of Texas at Austin. In it he argues, against most of his fellow computer scientists, that humans are not digital or biological computers and they are unlikely to be replaced by computers anytime soon. Lanier rejects what he calls “cybernetic totalism.”

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Interview: Gabriel Rothblatt Congressional Candidate in Florida’s 8th District

I recently got together with Congressional candidate Gabriel Rothblatt who is very possibly the first openly transhumanist political candidate in the United States.