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Gizmos & Gadgets: GaitTrack App on Smartphone Assesses User’s Health

Our smartphones are quickly turning into medical devices through applications that monitor our wellness.

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The Interactive Anthrozoo

You take your dog (or hyena) to the neighborhood park for a walk, and there it frolics with other beasts on the cybernetic meadow and through the ShrubPlugs. And pets are many-times cross-petted. Is everyone updating their Facebook timelines and flirting on Twitter?

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DIY solar kilns and the promise of ubiquitous resources

With all the media attention and hype associated with 3-d printing and nano-tech materials it is easy to forget how useful ancient technologies like lost wax casting, solar heating, and glass truly are.

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Linking Researchers – Revolutionizing Aging Research with Tools and Collaboration

Get involved with the Denigma Project, a “Collaborative Resource for Gerontology” and revolutionize aging research.

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Citizen Science: Explore Mars and Help Planetary Scientists Understand Martian Weather

Planet Four is a citizen science project designed to help planetary scientists identify and measure features on the surface of Mars

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Chris Anderson (former Editor-in-Chief of WIRED, now CEO, 3D Robotics) and Carl Bass (CEO, Autodesk) at the Churchill Club, SRI, Menlo Park, CA

In “The Next Industrial Revolution”, Chris Anderson (former Editor-in-Chief of WIRED, now CEO, 3D Robotics) and Carl Bass, explore how 3D printing and accessible CAD software could disrupt manufacturing and supply chains.

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Techno Desire and Cyber Sex

We have a new relationship with technology, one we truly cannot extricate ourselves from, and this changes everything. Cyber technologies and information science have brought to bear, not a new tool but a new world with which to be intimate, a cyberspace horizon of potentiality that extends into the material world.