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What is the Greatest Threat to Humanity?

Over breakfast this morning I got into a debate with a friend about threats to humanity in the near future. I argued that anthropomorphic influence on the environment and climate represented the greatest threat in the 21st century. He, on the other hand, picked up his smartphone and said “these are the greatest threat.”

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Human Mortality: Individual and Collective

It has been a major triumph of human civilization: Never before in evolutionary history has a species lifted itself from Darwin’s Struggle for Existence, and created a safe, secure environment in which a majority of individuals may expect to live out a full life expectancy and die of old age. You and I take for granted that aging is the greatest hurdle that we face in our quest to live a long, long time. Let’s hope this is true.

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Transhuman Visions #5: Global Existential Risks & Radical Futures (June 14 Piedmont, SF Bay Area, California)

Apocalypse? or Transcendence? Utopia? or Dystopia? Is Human Destiny an Immortal Paradise? or Miserable Extinction via a Bang, or a Whimper?

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TransEvolution by Daniel Estulin (2014) – Book Review

TransEvolution: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction (2014) is an alarmist book by Daniel Estulin, a commentator on the secretive Bilderberg Group who is well-liked by many – in particular on conspiracy theorist forums.

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The Indifference Engine: Manufacturing Consent in a Hyperconnected World

‘The tremendous expansion of communications in the United States has given this Nation the world’s most penetrating and effective apparatus for the transmission of ideas. Every resident is constantly exposed to the impact of our vast network of communications which reach every corner of the country, no matter how remote or isolated. Words hammer continually at the eyes and ears of America. The United States has become a small room in which a single whisper is magnified thousands of times.”

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Future Army: Telepresence Battledroids and Smartguns Will Change Warfare Forever

The convergence of robotics and advanced weaponry took another inevitable step forward with a successful live fire demonstration of several armed robots at Fort Benning Georgia that was covered by Computerworld last week and a demonstration of the TrackingPoint “smart gun”.

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Do unto others: Intelligent machines and killer robots

The recent U.N call for a moratorium on the development of remotely controlled weapon systems has raised some interesting issues and debate. While the tone of the announcement by U.N Special Rapporteur, Christof Heyns, rather dryly refers to LARs or lethal autonomous robots the story was then picked up by numerous news sites with headlines pitting killer robots against the U.N.

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The Human Race to the Future: What Could Happen — and What to Do

The Lifeboat Foundation is running a short promotion at Amazon of an exciting new book The Human Race to the Future: what could happen – and what to do

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