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Human Enhancement and Nanotechnology Conference

The Human Enhancement & Nanotechnology Conference on March 28-29, 2009 focuses on the ethical, social, and related issues that arise in the application of nanotechnology to human enhancement. While nanotechnology is not the only technology that can be applied to human enhancement, it is and will be a core one; without it many current and future enhancements would not be possible. These technol...

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Obama’s Stem Cell Order Reopens the Culture Wars

When President Obama signed an executive order lifting restrictions on federally funded embryonic stem cell research last week, he plunged headlong into the culture wars. For once, though, the wedge issue at hand is one that benefits Democrats, unlike hot buttons like abortion and gay marriage, which mostly help the GOP. "People have come to a consensus that if nobody wants these frozen embry...

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Tobacco Makes Medicine

Tobacco isn't famous for its health benefits. But now scientists have succeeded in using genetically modified tobacco plants to produce medicines for several autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, including diabetes.

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The Geneticist in the Garage

Meredith Patterson is not your typical genetic scientist. Her laboratory is based in the dining room of her San Francisco apartment. She uses a plastic salad spinner as a centrifuge and Ziploc plastic bags as airtight containers for her samples. But the genetically modified organism (GMO) she is attempting to create on a budget of less than $500 (£350) could provide a breakthrough in food sa...

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