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Interview: Gabriel Rothblatt Congressional Candidate in Florida’s 8th District

I recently got together with Congressional candidate Gabriel Rothblatt who is very possibly the first openly transhumanist political candidate in the United States.

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Human Mortality: Individual and Collective

It has been a major triumph of human civilization: Never before in evolutionary history has a species lifted itself from Darwin’s Struggle for Existence, and created a safe, secure environment in which a majority of individuals may expect to live out a full life expectancy and die of old age. You and I take for granted that aging is the greatest hurdle that we face in our quest to live a long, long time. Let’s hope this is true.

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Driverless autonomous vehicles will revolutionize transportation

The first self-driving cars should hit the road by 2015. In a decade or two, a large part of the world’s vehicles will be autonomous. What impact will that have on our lives and the way we perceive cars?