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The Deistic Maximalism Principle

“When a hyper intelligent designer of universes uses mathematical entities of exceptional type (e.g. the exceptional Lie algebras, or the exceptional finite simple groups, etc) to help it in its design work, it will choose the largest example of the exceptional type it is using.”

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Video Friday: Max Tegmark — Humanism in a Cosmic Perspective

We humans have again and again underestimated not only the size of the cosmos—a planet, a solar system, a galaxy, a universe, maybe a hierarchy of parallel universes—but we’ve also repeatedly underestimated the power of the human mind to understand our cosmos.

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X – teched creatures billions of years old

In earlier essays I conceived the idea of X-Techs, i.e. technologies at the “X scale”, where X could be femto, atto, zepto, etc. The next logical step is to speculate on what hyper intelligent synthetic creatures (artilects), which are x-tech based, might have done with themselves over billions of years, given that our sun, our star, is billions of years younger than most stars in the observable universe.

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Neutrino Science: The Post Nuclear Age, Extra-terrestrial Contact and The Perfect Wave (Part 1)

You might not have have heard that physicists want $1 billion US for a project to detect neutrinos that includes building an underground tunnel, 800 miles long, between Chicago and South Dakota. The recently released Depart of Energy plan includes funding for the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE) which includes an experiment to “send the world’s highest-intensity neutrino beam 800 miles through the Earth’s mantle”.

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Best of H+: X-Tech and the Search for Infra Particle Intelligence

Who stop at femtotech? Physics also allows attotechnology and beyond to zeptotechnology. These “X-Tech” possibilities provide a potential solution to the Fermi Paradox (“where are all the nonhuman civilizations?”). We may need a paradigm shift from SETI to SIPI — the Search for Infra Particle Intelligence!

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Video Friday Brainfood: Seth Lloyd on The universe as quantum computer

A recent paper from Dr. Lloyd discusses limits to digital computation as we now employ it, but he further shows that the universe itself is a sort of vast quantum computer.

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The world according to Itskov: Futurists convene at GF2045

Einstein famously said that imagination is more important than knowledge – but there’s more to it.