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What physical or mental enhancements are possible through gene therapy ?

Advances in genetics now permit to edit one’s genome relatively easily. Gene therapy is now used exclusively to fix diseases, but could soon be used by transhumanists for genetic enhancement, such as augmenting one’s mental faculties or improving one’s physical appearance. What exactly can we modify and what are the risks involved ?

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The sofa-larity won’t happen

Technology can resemble a box of matches in the hands of children. The invention of matches is smart, intelligent, but personal intelligence can take longer to mature. Our cultural intelligence will however catch-up with the smartness of technology.

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Interstellar Journeys and Transhumanism Part I

Could human exploration beyond the Solar System imply the need of upgrading our human condition? Back in 1960, a study by Manfred E. Clynes and Nathan S. Kline called Cyborgs and Space was centered already in the idea of altering some bodily functions of the space
traveler to meet the requirements of extraterrestrial environments because, according to the writers it would be more logical than providing an earthly environment for him in space.

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Johns Hopkins Conducts Clinical Trials Applying Deep Brain Stimulation to Alzheimer’s Patients

Researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine are testing the first “brain pacemaker”, a device which provides for deep brain stimulation, for Alzheimer’s patients.

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Human enhancement and the future of work

Human enhancement and the future of work is a recently issued report destined to become a landmark in the history of Transhumanism and specifically human enhancement research.