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September 2, 2013

Renowned Science Fiction author, Kim Stanley Robinson is interviewed by H+ director Adam Ford. Robinson's novels have won eleven major science fiction awards, and have been nominated on twenty-nine occasions. Robinson won the Hugo Award for Best Novel with Green Mars (1994); and Blue Mars (1997); the Nebula Award for Best Novel with Red Mars (1993) and 2312 (2012); the Nebula Award for Best Novella with The Blind Geometer (1986); the World Fantasy Award with Black Air (1983); a John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel with Pacific Edge (1991); and Locus Awards for The Wild Shore (1985), A Short, Sharp Shock (1991), Green Mars (1994), Blue Mars (1997), The Martians (2000), and The Years of Rice and Salt (2003).

February 13, 2013

Ancient Languages' Time Machine, Astonishing Wild Bird Birth, 3D Holographic Microscopy, Diabetic Dogs Treatment, New Intelligent Computer

February 10, 2013

Hole on Mars, Artificial Bon, Largest Prime Number, Dinosaurs' Extinction, Earth-Like Planets, Bacterial Gold, Needle-Free Vaccine, Mammal Tree of Life

February 8, 2013

Dinosaurs' Extinction, Artificial Bone, Alien Life, Birth Weight, Mammal Tree of Life

January 25, 2013

Today's top science links -- a new feature here on H+

November 9, 2012

Human enhancement and the future of work is a recently issued report destined to become a landmark in the history of Transhumanism and specifically human enhancement research.

September 18, 2012

Video and Transcript of the interview conducted with Dr. Randal A. Koene by Adam A. Ford at Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, 16 August, 2012. (The interview was part of the events surrounding the Singularity Summit Australia 2012.)

SIM stands for Substrate-Independent Minds. It is the notion that you can take the functions that are going on inside of our brain that produce mind and have them carried out in different kinds of implementations...

April 26, 2012

Ben Goertzel interviews Adam Ford about the upcoming Humanity+ @Melbourne (May 5-6 2012), which will feature Aubrey de Grey, Natasha Vita-More, Stelarc and many more inspiring speakers.

March 20, 2012

Are you interested in writing for H+ Magazine? We are now seeking interns who are interested in writing thought provoking articles 3 times a month. You would be covering topics related to Transhumanism and interviewing scientists who are currently working to advance humanity.

January 23, 2012

Science news overview: new neutrino detector taller than Dubai tower, Jupiter's core is liquefying, antimatter sail for space missions, and more.

Ben Goertzel and Hugo de Garis
January 18th, 2011

Ben Goertzel converses with Hugo de Garis on his transhumanist argument for the reality of a Creator.

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