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David Hanson on the Future of Arts, Design and Robotics: An Interview by Natasha Vita-More

David Hanson and I share a similar background in media, art and design. We both value new possibilities for human platforms for life extension. Where we are different is in our focus: I designed “Primo Posthuman” as a future body prototype for exploring theoretical ideas regarding regenerative media, nanorobots and AGI. Alternatively, David is actually building humanoid robots — including the Robokind commercial robot humanoid, and a variety of extremely realistic robot heads, incorporating unprecedentedly realistic facial expressions and voice. This interview covers some of David’s work in this area, including its exciting broader implications.

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Transhumanist-themed podcast: George Dvorsky’s Sentient Developments

After a three year hiatus, George Dvorsky has rekindled his futurist-themed podcast, Sentient Developments. The show serves as a counterpart to his blog of the same name and covers similar topics, often in more detail and with accompanying clips and interviews for added depth and insight.

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Natasha Vita-More Featured in FLAUNT Magazine

FLAUNT Magazine, LA’s international high-glossy cultural magazine is featuring Natasha Vita-More in the article “Post-Human Are People, Too”. The article captures Vita-More’s historical work in the arts, film, video and theoretical approach to transhumanism and the posthuman future.