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Swan in a Box

It may be possible for a DNA origami nanobox to localize certain markers in cancer cells and deliver an anti-cancer drug… at precisely the right spot.

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Evolutionary Brain Theory

My friend Antero Alli, an amazing filmmaker, theater producer and provider of rich experiences to seekers of all stripes recently handed me a DVD of a lecture he gave on the Eight-Circuit Brain.  It got me to thinking about this model, which is almost certainly familiar to some of you and no doubt unfamiliar to most of you.

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Nano Foam Condom For Women

Blue Cross Bio-Medical is offering a foam condom made with silver "nanotech" particles. The female spray-on condom comes in a can with a plastic applicator.

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Nanotechnology, For Better or For Worse

When K. Eric Drexler popularized the word 'nanotechnology' in the 1980s, he was describing what we now call molecular manufacturing: building machines on the scale of molecules, a few nanometers wide — motors, robot arms, and even whole computers — far smaller than a cell. Drexler spent the next ten years describing and analyzing these projected advances, and responding to accusations ...

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Nanobots in the Bloodstream

Dive, dive, Captain! Aortic valve closing ahead, take the second right past the left ventricle and head for the pulmonary artery. Set course for the left lung and acquire target Squamous Cell Lung Carcinoma. Seek and destroy!

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The Progressive Ingression of Intelligence into Matter

If I were to draw a chart, I’d map out the minimum number of atoms a human being can manipulate at one time through time. We’d start out with stone and flint and obsidian tools – that’s maybe a billion billion billion atoms at a pop.

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