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Direct Brain to Brain Communication Between Animals and Humans

Now imagine this, we’re on our way to transcending the language barrier, with the Brain Computer Interface, for human to human communication, where direct and immediate interpretation or translation will be possible with the appropriate software. Imagine, if you can start understanding, what your dog, your cat or your hamster is thinking? And then now think, if we figure a way, to relay our thoughts or intended messages, to your pets or other animals, in a way, they can understand? Going to the zoo will become a very different experience from what it is today.


Our Amazing Future

While teaching courses in the computer science department at the University of Texas at Austin, I came to believe that 21st century technology—especially nanotechnology, genetics, artificial intelligence and robotics—will transform reality.

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Proposal: Dynamic Brain Switching As a Method to Maintain Consciousness During Mind Uploading

Immortality has been a humanitarian dream since dawn of human history. Among all of the proposed methods for immortality, Biological Approaches to immortality (NBI) are argued to be more fruitful. However, mind uploading as the typical method for NBI has been challenged both from technical and philosophical aspects. This article is an attempt to address some of these challenges by emphasizing the role of consciousness and its continuum during a mind transfer process. Based on this assumption, it is claimed that current methods for mind uploading need to be reformed. The “Dynamic Brain Switch” (DBS) is proposed as a method that can meet some of the challenges of mind uploading using the concept of consciousness continuity for mind uploading.

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Video Friday: Thoughts on Transhumanism and Religion from Natasha Vita-More

In this inspirational video h+ Chair Natasha Vita-More discusses transhumanism, the future body, extending life, preservation of memories, her amazing experiments with memory preservation following vitrification and revival of c. elegans worms, and more.

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Is it possible to build an artificial superintelligence without fully replicating the human brain ?

The technological singularity requires the creation of an artificial superintelligence (ASI). But does that ASI need to be modelled on the human brain, or is it even necessary to be able to fully replicate the human brain and consciousness digitally in order to design an ASI ?

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Video Friday: Mind Wandering and Dreaming

Dreaming, a process in which our minds creatively combine elements of the day and other sensory experiences, during our sleep, is a hot new topic in topic in brain science. With our current technology, researchers are able to link activity...

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Prof. Hawking, the AIs will BE US

Perhaps, as Prof. Stephen Hawking thinks, it may be difficult to “control” Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the long term. But perhaps we shouldn’t “control” the long-term development of AI, because that would be like preventing a child from becoming an adult, and that child is you.

BioTrove Podcast: “Whole Brain Emulation”,  Host Liz Parish interviews Randal Koene, Carbon Copies 3

BioTrove Podcast: “Whole Brain Emulation”, Host Liz Parish interviews Randal Koene, Carbon Copies

Special thanks to Alex Vollmer for his best effort to fix a sound problem that nearly ruined this podcast. The sound quality loss is outweighed by the fascinating quality of the conversation! In this podcast guest  Randal A. Koene, Ph.D. neuroscientist, neuro-engineer and co-founder  of Carboncopies discusses Whole Brain Emulation. You will...

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Event: Mind Uploading — Saturday April 26, 2014 11:10 am to 12:30 pm Tucson Arizona

2014 - Toward a Science of Consciousness  The Tucson Conference  -  20th Anniversary