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Proposal: Dynamic Brain Switching As a Method to Maintain Consciousness During Mind Uploading

Immortality has been a humanitarian dream since dawn of human history. Among all of the proposed methods for immortality, Biological Approaches to immortality (NBI) are argued to be more fruitful. However, mind uploading as the typical method for NBI has been challenged both from technical and philosophical aspects. This article is an attempt to address some of these challenges by emphasizing the role of consciousness and its continuum during a mind transfer process. Based on this assumption, it is claimed that current methods for mind uploading need to be reformed. The “Dynamic Brain Switch” (DBS) is proposed as a method that can meet some of the challenges of mind uploading using the concept of consciousness continuity for mind uploading.

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Event: Mind Uploading — Saturday April 26, 2014 11:10 am to 12:30 pm Tucson Arizona

2014 - Toward a Science of Consciousness  The Tucson Conference  -  20th Anniversary

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Suppose it were possible to build an artificial brain which was, essentially, a copy of an existing brain. Yours, for example. If consciousness is reducible to the form and functions of the brain (to put it another way, if consciousness is what the brain does) then the artificial brain would likewise generate consciousness. But now the question arises: Just whose consciousness is it?

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Book review: Mindmelding: Consciousness, Neuroscience, and the Mind’s Privacy

I found this book by accident, when somebody on Facebook happened to share a link to its Amazon page. I was intrigued to read the title, and even more intrigued to read the Amazon blurb.

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Vaccinate your life against B.S.O.D – Insure your memories.

As our Biological (analog) life get’s more entwined with the Digital world we have created, chances are, there might be options worth exploring. It all comes down to “Sampling” – taking snapshots of our analog lives and storing them digitally. Today, with reasonable precision we can sample, store and re-create most of our primary senses, digitally. Sight via cameras, sound via microphones, touch via haptics and even scents can be sampled and/or synthesized with remarkable accuracy.

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Neuroscience – and the Future of Humanity – Interview with Ken Hayworth

Recently I did a three part interview with renowned neuroscientist Kenneth Hayworth that went for 4.5 hours. So strap yourselves into your interview appreciation chairs and glue your eyes to the screen. It was very informative and fun, I hope you enjoy it :)