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Indiegogo: Become Your Own Hedgefund with the Behavior Oriented Trading Robot

BOTR is an Indiegogo project seeking funding in order to develop a sophisticated scientific financial trading platform for everyone.

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Crowdfunding: Heathervescent ‘s Future of Money TV Show Will Cover Digital Currencies, Privacy Issues, More!

Help futurist and filmmaker Heathervescent (aka Heather Shlegel) create The Future of Money TV series.


LunarSail Project: Using a Solar Sail to Launch a Lunar Satellite

In 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the Moon. Forty-four years later, an enterprising non-profit is building the first privately-owned spacecraft for launch into lunar orbit and using crowdfunding and social media on the internet to enable the public to participate. Named LunarSail, the goal of the project is to give students and the public the opportunity to participate in developing a spacecraft that will not only go into space, but also travel to the Moon while conducting science experiments.